Scholarship RLS – Europeiskt forskarpris

A pan European patient sponsored scholarship for new research on Restless Legs Syndrome

RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) is a very common but often neglected disease. It affects approximately 10% of the population in Europe, of these at least one third to a degree where medical treatment is needed. However, very many do not get the correct diagnosis and the needed medical follow-up. Problems for patients can be severe, and social cost are generally underestimated. New knowledge on RLS is needed, and existing knowledge must be better implemented in medical treatment and in society.

EARLS (The European Alliance for Restless Legs Syndrome) is the umbrella of European patient organizations on RLS. The EARLS works closely with established RLS researchers to support their studies and disseminate their findings. Additionally, we now want to interest new, not yet established, researchers for RLS and to enhance new studies. Focus is to support studies with direct relevance for RLS patients.

Read more below and apply before 29/2-2024:

RLS-Förbundets folder

RLS-Förbundets folder kan beställas kostnadsfritt via telefon 08 – 21 96 20 (Föreningshuset) eller via brev till RLS-Förbundet, c/o Föreningshuset, Lumaparksvägen 7, 120 31 Stockholm eller via epost (RLS-förbundet hette tidigare WED-Förbundet.) Du kan också ladda hem foldern och skriva ut den på din egen skrivare genom att klicka på bilden nedan.

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